Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Underrating Is Bad


Although I didn't have any actual readers, confidently, I've die-hard
It seems that nobody want to read all my entries.

Since I got least carry marks for on going assessments, I will tell you a little piece of my bitterness in life.

Previously,  I was claimed as an underrated, except during UPSR and SPM.hehe.
After I left my diploma program, "the blossomed awesome World of Accounting",
I went back to school, pursuing my pre-degree in Form 6. It was the most challenging moment for the rest of my life.
Being mysterious in silence, captured nobody. Being introvert make my day in dullness with fucking gloomy school.
Day by day, it became better, and finally, I can cope with all of my classmates.

A year later, too much kindness has brought me down. Because of my commitment in pre-degree association instead of different political ideology, most of them had started to boycott me. It's annoying and always be an unforgettable "attack" ever.

Three months later.My academic performance fell down, and I was one of three students that would be expelled from school because of bad attendance.

Meanwhile,surviving in those problems, strengthening my efforts to be successful and enthusiastically I want to see my result with flying colours. I striving harder and harder; want to show them that "I'm not a loser man!".

Alhamdulillah, Allah gave me His grace, I got quite good results in most of STPM papers that I've taken.

"Abah, I get 2.92!" Although it was not in my highest target, I embraced it with thankful.
Stop looking me down.  I AM NOT A LOSER, POSER!

*sorry, for my damn bad English.

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